Spatial Grid Networks

Here you can download software, references, and documentation for generating regular grids of hexagons and other shaped cells for the earth as a whole, or for parts of it, as well as a grid used in the USGS Gap Analysis Program. These materials are for the geometric and cartographic components of such grids. There are no materials here for designing statistical samples using these grids.

The new DGGRID global grid system. This software will generate grids of hexagons, triangles, or diamonds (pairs of triangles) for the entire earth or parts of it using a hierarchical subdivision process. This system uses C++ programs that need to be compiled and run on Unix/Linux or Apple Mac OS.

Original EMAP grid generating system. This system, developed starting in 1989, uses a large hexagon face of the truncated icosahedron placed on the earth to generate hexagon grids of various sizes. The grids generated by this system are limited in extent to an area of about 4500 kilometers in diameter. A large number of grids have been generated with this system. An executable file (grid.exe) in the source directory is compiled for Windows (NT/2000) applications. A Solaris compiled executable (grid_solaris) is also provided. The program should be re-compiled in C for other platforms.

Original EMAP grid 648 square kilometer hexagons. These equal area hexagons are used in the USGS Gap Analysis Program and related applications. This grid is provided as an Arc/Info export file.  Environmental data are also available.


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