America's Secret Destiny - Ralph Epperson, 2009

America's Secret Destiny - Ralph Epperson
A lecture from 2009 by Ralph Epperson on the secret destiny the founding fathers set up for us.

Part 1
0:00:00 dedication to Willy Solis, freedom fighter from Costa Rica
0:03:00 the Founding Fathers New World Order
0:05:00 Henry Kissinger, in 1975, refers to the New World Order
0:05:30 Sept. 11, 1990, headline of Birmingham News: "New World Order forged by gulf crisis Bush says"
0:08:30 Revisionist history - much of what we learn as history is not true, our books need to be revised
0:09:50 1985 Ralph Epperson wrote "The Unseen Hand: an introduction to the conspiratorial view of history" This book shows that major events in history such as wars, depressions, etc. have been caused intentionally. The majority of historians disagree and believe in the accidental view of history, major events just happen.
0:11:00 united States of America, notice the u in united is NOT capitalized in the Declaration of Independence
0:11:45 After 46 years of research Ralph sees evidence of a massive conspiracy
0:13:00 Carroll Quigley's book and ideas & how they influenced Bill Clinton. The conspiracy or network created the United Nations.
From p. 324 of Tragedy and Hope: "the powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. The system was to be controlled by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences."
The Federal Reserve is America's privately owned central bank
0:23:00 Cecil Rhodes, identified by Quigley as one of the conspirators. Rhodesia named after him, he founded the Rhodes scholarships at Oxford. Bill Clinton went to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar.
0:25:00 Rhodes set up the Council on Foreign Relations. Quigley states that the American CFR has played a significant role in the history of the U.s. 1988 - Clinton joins CFR, 1992 elected president
0:26:00 Quigley quote from p. 73 "the business interests expected to control both political parties equally. Some intended to contribute to both and allow an alternation of the 2 parties in public office." Why allow both parties? In order to conceal their influence inhibit any independence on the part of politicians and to allow the electorate to believe they were exercising their own free choice. They select the 2 candidates for us, we select one
0:29:00 George Bush (CFR member) intentionally threw the election to Bill Clinton by raising taxes despite his repeated "Read my lips, no new taxes." Mondale also intentionally threw the election by stating he would raise taxes. Clinton appointed many CFR members to office.
0:42:00 Founding fathers were conspirators and purposely wrote legislation designed to deceive - Ben Franklin autobiography - purchase of "other grain" gunpowder and "fire engine" cannon - used deceptive wording to obtain implements of war which they knew Quaker legislators would not approve monies for
0:47:00 New World Order, Founding Fathers, Masonry
0:52:00 23 of 39 signers of the Declaration were masons. Manly P. Hall: "There exists in the world today and has existed for thousands of years a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed an order of the quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has a secret destiny. This high purpose is not realized by the many." "Many of the founders of the united states were masons and they received aid from a secret body in Europe" (This secret body appears to be the Illuminati, formed in Bavaria 1776) "which helped them establish this country for a particular purpose known only to the initiated few ... Benjamin Franklin spoke for the order of the quest and most of the men who worked with him were also members.
0:56:00 Masonic symbols on dollar bills, the great seal, pyramid, ancient mystery religion, eye on top of pyramid. Symbols conceal the purpose because the American people would never approve.

0:01:00 Symbols and Latin on the dollar bill.
Annuit coeptis = announcing conception of
Novus ordo seclorum = new order world
Pyramids - step vs smooth edged. No pyramids in North America. Info on South American step pyramids. Only Egyptian pyramids have smooth edges. It is the Giza pyramid that appears on the dollar.
Archaeologists say the pyramids were tombs for dead pharoahs, Manly Hall disagrees, says "the pyramid and all-seeing eye represent the universal house surmounted by the radiant emblem of the great architect of the universe."
1:06:30 Albert Pike, leader of worldwide masonry 1859-1891. Authored Morals and Dogma, 1871. "The pyramid was erected in honor of the sun. The initiation took place in one of the subterranean halls of the pyramid. Those who were initiated became the illumined. They entered as men, and came forth as gods.
1:08:00 Secret signs recognized by illumined - lion's paw - born again to the mystery religion and to lucifer. The ankh symbol. Born again. The god of the mystery religion is lucifer.
1:12:00 Lion's paw and concealed lion's paw. People giving the sign: Khufu, Kal (Khufu's high priest), Napoleon, Anton LaVey (founder Church of Satan), Annie Bessant, Elisha Rhodes, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln's assassin, member Knights of Golden Circle? planned civil war 24 years prior), Jesse and Frank James (33rd degree mason), Allen Pinkerton (head of detective agency), bloody Bill Anderson, Salmon P. Chase (sec. Treasury, Chase Manhattan Banks, these banks owned by Rockefeller family), Pat Robertson ("evangelist", ran for president in 1986), George Washington.
1:22:00 More on masonry, the ancient mysteries, great seal of U.S. and it's symbolism. The 6 sided star, the points fall on the letters that spell "masons"
1:27:00 Deception in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The constitution is NULL AND VOID. There are NO constitutional rights in the constitution today because the writers set it up so that the rights instead of being "god given" rights would be instead rights "granted by the government"
1:28:30 Declaration of Independence 1776. Sovereign=being unlimited by any other person or government. Tyranny= unlimited power.
1:32:00 Constitution 1787 : "We THE PEOPLE do ordain and establish this constitution for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." Founding fathers created 2 governments inside the constitution. They gave one of them absolute tyrannical power. The constitution is a false front.
1:37:00 18 specific powers granted to Congress. Congress takes an oath to defend and protect the constitution. Congress was given tyrannical power by the founding fathers.
1:43:30 "Congress shall have the power to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over such district (D.C.) as may become the seat of the government of the UNITED STATES." So the original intent was to LIMIT the TYRANNICAL POWER to the seat of the government, Washington D.C.
1:44:00 The constitution was written by "THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" They wrote about both the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the UNITED STATES. The tyrannical power was to be limited to Washington D.C. and the power over the rest of the states was to be limited power.
1:44:30 THERE ARE 2 CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENTS IN AMERICA - USA and U.S. The tyrannical power meant to be only over D.C. was spread to all states
1:46:30 14th Amendment - people vs persons. People are sovereign (with god given, unalienable rights) Persons have only government granted privileges. Persons have lost their sovereignty. Privileges are not unalienable, and can be taken away by the granting entity.
1:48:30 14th Amendment "All persons born or naturalized in the UNITED STATES are citizens of the UNITED STATES." If we are now pronounced citizens of U.S. in the 14th amendment, what were we before? We were citizens of a particular state of the union. Once you are a citizen of U.S. you must agree to jurisdiction over your person. We were SOVEREIGN PEOPLE who lived by right, now after 14th amendment, we are CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES and live by PRIVILEGE. 14th Amendment also gives dual citizenship, you are a citizen of US (Washington, D.C.) and of the state wherein they reside. 14th amendment did not eliminate the state citizenship, it added the citizenship of Washington, D.C.
1:51:30 So how did we become citizens of Washington, D.C. if we were not born in D.C. or did not voluntarily become a naturalized citizen? They needed us to volunteer to become citizens so we would trade our rights for government granted privileges. We were tricked into becoming naturalized citizens of the U.S. - we volunteered to be a "slave" of the U.S. government. We are told we must obtain a social security card but experts can find no such law requiring anyone to get a card. We voluntarily signed up for a card and it's socialist security benefits. When we did that we became a naturalized citizen of the U.S. There is also no law requiring any citizen of any state to pay income taxes. If you look at the 1040 tax form it refers to "rules" not "laws" that apply to "U.S. citizens." If you have a social security card you agreed to pay income tax.
1:56:30 10th Amendment: "The powers NOT delegated to the U.S. by the constitution are reserved to the States or to the people."

Part 3
1:57:30 The constitution granted unlimited power of congress.
2:02:00 Howard Freeman, authority on the constitution, 2 stories. He was an expert witness in an income tax trial for a friend who was charged with wilful failure to file. Freeman cited supreme court cases and got them read into the court record but the judge instructed the jury to ignore all his testimony. Freeman asked the judge by what authority did he have to overturn the standing decisions of the U.S. supreme court. The judge replied "those were old decisions prior to 1938." Freeman countered that they are standing decisions and have never been overturned and a lower district court cannot overturn a higher court's decision. Freeman then asked what happened in 1938. The judge said that he had already "told too much" and was "not going to tell" him anymore and walked away.
Freeman looked through the Federal Registers to find what happened in 1938 in the supreme court and he found "Erie Railroad vs. Tompkins, 1938."
What is common law? Man is only guilty of harm if he damages property or injures another. There is no damage unless someone or something is injured. The constitution used to be this nation's common law. But according to this judge, the constitution was no longer the supreme law of the land.
2:07:00 Freeman later met a retired state supreme court judge. He said in 1938 all federal judges and U.S. attorneys were called into a secret meeting by Roosevelt. Roosevelt called to their attention the suspension of redemption of gold certificates. Our money used to have a statement on them that said there was that much gold on deposit in the treasury of the USA payable to the bearer on demand.
2:09:00 1933 - Roosevelt suspended gold redemption. This was a contract between the US govt. and the holder, that they could exchange their gold certificate for gold on demand at any bank any time. The international bankers who own America's national debt declared that the suspension of the redemption clause was an act of a bankrupt nation. The president was admitting that the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS OWN AMERICA, and can set the rules under which we live. Roosevelt was telling these judges that they could NO LONGER ABJUDICATE CASES ON THE CONSTITUTION. They were to use the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE as the new supreme law of the land, with one exception. Roosevelt told the judges that they were to take silent judicial notice of the fact that the CONSTITUTION WAS NULL AND VOID and that we were living under a new set of laws called the uniform commercial code. They were told to use language that makes it sound like it's coming from the constitution but it isn't.
2:13:00 Nancy Pelosi was asked where congress gets the power to regulate health care (Obamacare). She stated: "from the Power to Regulate Interstate Commerce"
2:17:00 START HERE
2:23:00 Obama born in Kenya per his grandmother and his brother and sister.
Masonic symbols, numbers, layout of Washington, D.C.

Part 4
3:01:00 More Masonic numbers and history. Harry Truman 33rd president, 33rd degree mason. Why the masons revere the number 33.
3:10:00 Stars - one point up or down, Eastern Star, masonic women's org. God vs Lucifer.
3:15:00 Illuminated ones have evolved to a higher species of man: Homo noeticus.
3:16:00 July 4th - original calendar July 4 was June 23, add 11 days to get July 4. June 23 was the longest day and worship of the sun god on that day.
3:20:00 More on the dollar bill - eye on pyramid, eye of Osiris, Osiris was the sun god
3:21:30 From the bible: Revelation 12 chap 12 verse 9 "that old serpent, called the devil, Satan, was cast out into the earth." Why do cultures all over the world worship snakes and serpents? Mayans called the serpent god Can. American word canny: shrewd or serpent like. Babylonians worshipped Can, the serpent and Val, god of fire. Romans combined the words into Vul-can, the Roman god of fire. From whence comes our word volcano. Kulkul means beautiful bird and Can means serpent, Kulkulkan means bird serpent in Mayan. This is the same meaning as Quetzacoatl, the Mexican (Aztec) god.
3:26:30 Amerigo Vespucci - we are told America is named after this guy but there is an alternative explanation. The meaning of the word America - Quetzacoatl was known as Amaru in Peru. Amaru's territory was known as Amaracu=land of the serpent. A feathered serpent (has wings on it's head) on 33rd degree temple in Washington, D.C. with swastikas above it (evil version makes the number 4) Nazi swastika and the one on the temple are the evil forms.
[my note: all the peoples worshipping a serpent god or sun god murdered tens of thousands of people]
Serpent is symbol of lucifer. America may mean "land of lucifer"
3:33:00 Egyptian pyramids - angles and numbers, more satanic and lucifer references. Egyptians workshipped Lucifer.
3:35:00 Masons worship Lucifer. From Pike book: 1) Initiate asks for "light", 2) true knowledge of the deity is the light of which the mason travels in search, 3) Lucifer the light bearer. Is it he that bears the light, doubt it not!
Lucifer is latin for lucis=light and ferre=bearer.
Pike's Legenda: "Masonry permits the utterance of false interpretations which serve the double purpose of misleading the ignorant, the idle and indolent (lazy) whom it is desirable to lead astray." Masons do not believe in a creator god. Pike "To say that the world came forth from nothing is to propose a monstrous absurdity. The universe has been here forever." The "great architect" is not a creator, just a designer who modifies existing materials.
3:44:30 Amun, supreme being of Egyptians, was the original light, he creates nothing. 3:46:30 Al Gore - a crisis will happen, then a flood of dramatic occurences will happen all at once and if we do not change, our children will inherit a wasteland.
3:49:00 Alvin Toffler - the death of industrialization. Middle class America will have to be eliminated. A new civilization is slowly emerging, and brings new family styles, changed ways of working. Our standard of living is being lowered. Changed ways of loving - homosexuality, living together without marriage. America is experiencing an economic downturn, a planned downturn. Political conflicts - no more communism, our new political conflict is radical Islam and terrorism. Building a new civilization from the ground up, forming a sharp pattern. New World Order.

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