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Welcome Waggers Dec. 2013

Laura's Best of Glacier Park Webcams


Therapy Dogs at the Library June 2013

Therapy Dogs at the Library March 2013

Beazell Forest 2012

Ceramics 2012


Newport Oct. 2012

Kyle's party, 2012

Oregon Country Fair 2012

Photo Class Fall 2011 homework

Oregon Coast trip - Florence, Devil's Churn, Yachats Sept. 2011

Oregon Country Fair 2011

Glacier Park, August 2011

Glacier Park, August 2008

Smith Rock, August 2008

Agates and fossils on the Oregon Coast

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9/11 information

9/11 New Pearl Harbor video by Massimo Mazzucco

Consensus 9/11 evidence based references
Examples of building collapses

Accidental falls
Manilla, Phillipines, apartment building tilts and falls

Controlled demolition
Flagler building demolition 2002 best building explosions Second tallest building ever imploded HP buildings

Breaking Bad clips

Jesse bored, waiting for Walt at Superlab

Crystal Blue Persuasion

My Baby Blue, finale



Crawl Space - Walt loses it

Salamanca family album

Bryan Cranston on Colbert Report

Bill Hicks videos

Revelations 1993, London uncut version

Relentless, 1991, Montreal, Canada

One Night Stand, Chicago

Rant in E minor (audio only)

Interview, Austin Public Access, 1993

Indianapolis, 1985

It's just a ride

Interesting things to ponder

Geoarchaeology and the mathematics of the ancients

Carl Munck - The Code, part 1
Carl Munck - The Code, part 2
Carl Munck - The Code, part 3

Ancient Knowledge series

Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality

Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God

Ancient Knowledge Pt.3 Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths, Ley Lines (Earth's Energy Grid)

Ancient Knowledge Pt.4 The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built & Coral Castle

Ancient Knowledge Pt.5 - Energy, Coral Castle, Tablet of Shamash, Saturn, Magnetism & Mythology

Ancient Knowledge Pt.6/1 - Number 9 Code, Vortex Based Math, Flower of Life, Fibonacci, Time, 432Hz

Ancient Knowledge Pt. 6/2 - Coral Castle, Saturn, Crystals, 369, Magnetism, Bible Codes, Numerology

Ancient Knowledge Pt.6/3 - Lost History, Phoenicians, Alphabet, Symbology, Ashkenazi, Mythology

Ancient Knowledge Pt.7 - Scientific Historical Misconceptions

Andrew Johnson - The earth but not as we know it (hollow earth? expanding earth?)
Scroll to time: 1:20 minutes for expanding earth.

James Maxlow page (expanding earth)

Neal Adams page (expanding earth)

Stephen Hurrell page (Expanding earth, gravity, size of dinosaurs)

America's Secret Destiny - Ralph Epperson
The constitution is null and void, founding fathers were masons ...

On Fukushima Beach

Ancient Aliens Debunked
PART 1: Megalithic sites
0-0:22 Pumapunku
0:23-0:37 The Pyramids - references at 0:31 - Houdin theory about ramps inside the pyramids
0:37-0:55 Roman temples: Baalbek & very large stones - references on Sumerian tablets at 0:54:20
0:55-1:05 Machu Pichu & Easter Island heads - references at 0:59
1:05-1:13 Pacal's rocket (Mayan sarcophagus lid)
1:13-1:21 Nazca lines
1:21-1:27 Tolima "jets" (toy "airplanes")
1:27-1:36 Egyptian Dendera "lightbulb"
1:36-1:46 UFOs in art
1:46-1:58 Crystal skulls
1:58-2:11 Ezekiel's Wheels - God's throne or ufo?
2:11-2:20 Ancient nukes - Maharabata, 2:15 - Mohenjo Daro, 2:19 vitrification
2:20-2:32 Vimanas & mercury vortex engine, fake text "Vymaanika-Shaastra" used by Ancient Aliens
2:33-2:54 Anunnaki & Zecharia Sitchin, solar disk (winged disk), winged genies, aliens needed gold? 2:43 how to check Sitchin and Sumerian text for yourself
2:54-3:07 Nephilim (giants, angels)

Accompanying website

Moon Hoax videos

A funny thing happened on the way to the moon

Was it only a paper moon? Apollo hoax James M Collier 1997

Dark Mission Nasa Moon Hoax - analysis of lunar photography (part 1)

Dark Mission Nasa Moon Hoax - part 2 - environmental dangers and part 3 - the trouble with rockets

Iron Butterfly videos

In a Gadda da Vida, full version in color

Marilyn Mason music videos

San Diego live 2013 - full concert

Led Zeppelin music videos

What is & should never be


Going to California

That's the Way

Live at Royal Albert Hall 1970 full concert

AC DC music videos

Shake Your Foundations

Shot down in flames (live)

Hells Bells (live)

Whole lot of Rosie (live)

Are you ready?


Stiff Upper Lip

Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir Live at Wacken 2007 full concert
Progenies of The Great Apocalypse -- 2:30 Vredesbyrd -- 12:45 Cataclysm Children -- 18:00 Kings of The Carnival Creation -- 26:30 Sorgens Kammer Del Il (bonus track from 2nd Stormblast album) -- 32:00 Indoctrination -- 38:00 A Succubus In Rapture -- 44:00 The Serpentine Offering -- 49:30 The Chosen Legacy -- 53:45 The Insight and the Catharsis -- 1:03:00 Spellbound By The Devil -- 1:08:00 Mourning Palace

Forces of the Northern Night, Oslo, May 2011 with full orchestra

Live at Ozzfest 2004

Michael Shenker Group

MSG Ready to Rock, live 2004

Freely available movies by David Lynch

Fractal animation

Suew0's reflective 3-d with music Spiritualize by Lotus

Spiritualize long version

HD colors channel

psychedelic zoom Teamfresh fractal

psychedelic pulsating starfish Teamfresh fractal zoom

Teamfresh page
anti-war stuff


"What bullying is not is conflict. It's not conflict between 2 equally powered parties so there's no sense having the conflict resolution types come on in and claim to be bullying experts.
They can just take their mediation games and leave town because mediation doesn't work. The person is already compromised.
This is psychological violence, bullying is violence and it needs a different set of tools to stop it
The solutions have to involve making a person healthy because it's the health harm that drives the whole movement ... A strong emotional impact but stress related physical complications are also important: cardiovascular compromises from hypertension all the way through heart attack and then there are the gastrointestinal problems. This is a health hazard ... Bullying is a workplace health hazard."

Podcast 3: Insanity: abuse for the innocent and smart

"Your tormentor's goal is opposed to yours and it has absolutely nothing to do with work.
It's all about her or his personal agenda, a day filled with game-playing if you will. Their goal is to disrupt, distort and sabotage you and to inflict ... social misery
... Now HR discounts this inherent violence in the workplace as a "personality conflict" or "a clash in styles." That's why they tell you to go work it out among yourselves - because they don't want to own up to any organizational responsibility for putting you in harms way."

Podcast 33: Workplace bullying is more than incivility and disrespect

Let me distinguish incivility and disrespect from bullying. First of all I put workplace bullying in the context of workplace violence ... much more akin to domestic violence, and therefore abuse. So workplace bullying is abuse where the abuser is on the payroll. But the 2 most popular labels for negative behavior that American employers are willing to tolerate seem to be incivility and disrespect ...
Incivility and disrespect are still much less stressful than even the most minor form of bullying because bullying is abusive conduct and it is career-destroying, it is so destructive to the family, and clearly is the major compromising agent for the employee's health which we have documented extensively."
"American employers love to use the terms incivility and disrespect when they are really trying to acknowledge that bullying happens there but it's too scary to say that bullying happens so they use the nicer euphemisms of incivility and disrespect. Now that creates a problem for any organization that you're not going to get the correct solution if you don't correctly identify the problem. So if your definition of the problem is milquetoast and deliberately labeled so as to be inoffensive you're going to miss the boat. You're never going to address workplace bullying unless you call it either bullying or some form of violence. Those are the problems with those 2 terms. If on the other hand, a policy regarding disrespectful behavior that has teeth in it in which the definition actually meets the criteria for workplace bullying that is health harming and disruptive and work interfering, then they're on the right direction."
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