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Habitat destruction, natural succession of grasslands to forest, and weed invasion threaten all Fender’s blue butterfly populations. Legal protection, coupled with habitat restoration and control of pest plants, will be necessary to preserve this rare butterfly.--Hammond & Wilson (1993)

The Fender's blue butterfly is endemic to Willamette Valley prairies. Now listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act, the Fender's blue has been the impetus behind much of the ecological studies and management actions in the Willamette Valley.

The papers and reports listed in this section discuss the basic biology and conservation biology of the Fender's blue butterfly. See also information about management of Fender's blue butterfly habitat (Perspectives: Upland prairies) and information (Perspectives: The ecology of Willamette Valley plants) about the larval food hosts of the Fender's blue butterfly, Kincaid's lupine and spur lupine.

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Listing under the Federal Endangered Species Act

Basic information

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