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Recent Updates

[8/15/14] The tag return component of the project has ended. Please check back for updates on research findings. 

[8/15/14] Tag return information updated. Cash prize raffle winners announced!

[7/10/14] Watch a film on how to make and use RAMP (Reflex Action Mortality Predictor)- one method being used as part of the Oregon C.R.A.B. Project (click here).  

[1/31/13] Next time you are in Newport, check out the display at the Hatfiend Marine Science Center Visitor Center that highlights this project!


crab in displayPictures above by Colleen Newberg

[10/1/12] Tag return component of the project began today! Keep an eye out for tagged crab! If you catch one remove the tag, discard the crab, and return the tag for a reward!

tagged crab

Welcome to the Oregon C.R.A.B. Project Website!

The Oregon C.R.A.B. (Collaborative Research to Assess Bycatch) Project was created to determine mortality rates of Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) that are discarded from Oregon's crab pot and trawl fisheries.

This research represents a collaboration between members of Oregon's fishing and scientific communities. Please call or email if you are interested in getting involved; increased collaboration will contribute to the success of this project!

Project results coming soon!
For updates, conctact Noelle at: