MTH 342: Linear Algebra II
Winter 2018

Note: This syllabus is subject to change based on the needs of the class.


Dr. Aijun Zhang
Office: Kidder 306
Phone: 737-8394
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Office Hours: MWF 14:00-14:50 pm or by Appt.

Course Information:

FINAL EXAM Details: To be Annouced later

Time/Classroom: MWRF 15:00-15:50 pm, COVL 218

Prerequisites: MTH 341.

Standard Text:   Linear Algebra  Done Wrong by Sergei Treil


Course Description:

We will cover most of Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and parts of Chapter 6 in the text book (Chapter 3 deals with determinants, we might review these if needed). The main emphasis will be on the concepts of vector space (linear independence, subspaces, bases, inner products and orthogonality, projections and Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization), linear transformations (kernel, range, matrix of linear transformation, rank-nullity theorem, diagonalization and spectral theorem for symmetric transformations, singular value decomposition).

Learning Outcomes : After successfully completing Math 342, a student should be able to

  • Recognize and give examples of abstract (real and complex) vector spaces other than Rn.
  • Apply invariance of dimension to find a basis for a given finitely generated abstract vector space. 
  • Compute the matrix representation of a linear transformation with respect to a given basis, and perform algebra on linear transformations
  • Determine whether a given matrix is diagonalizable and determine a diagonalizing matrix.
  • Express geometric properties of vectors and sets of vectors in an inner product space using techniques such as orthogonality, projections, and the Gram-Schmidt algorithm.
  • Identify classes of matrices for which all eigenvalues are real numbers.
  • Apply projection matrices and singular value decompositions of matrices to least square fitting problems or other related problems. 

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Homework is required for this course. Assignments will be posted on canvas, and will consist (mostly) of problems from the text. Exam/Quizzes problems will (mostly) be similar to homework problems. There will be five homework assignments. Only problems marked with * need to be turned in for a grade. Students may work together, but must turn in individual copies.
While it may not be stated explicitly each day, students are expected to read each section to be covered. Questions not addressed during class time should be asked in office hours. Students are responsible for any material missed due to absence.


There will be two midterm exams and one cumulative final exam (with three distinct parts). You will need to bring to your exams your student ID, a pencil and an eraser.  Only non-graphing calculators are allowed. No cameras, recording devices or other electronic devices are allowed.  Watches which do anything more than tell the current time and date are prohibited.

Quizzes: Unannounced quizzes may be given in class or take home. There will be no makeup quizzes, since at the end of the semester when final grades are calculated your 2 lowest quiz grades are dropped. Only non-graphing calculators are allowed on quizzes in the lecture. For take home ones, you can use any techniques and ask help from the others, but you must write out the solutions of your quizzes independently.

Grade Disputes: Once you leave class with any graded paper you accept its grade, unless there is a totaling error. All grade disputes must be dealt with at the time you receive them. If the grade was not totaled correctly, you have one week from when the paper was first returned to the class to get the correction made.

Lecture Attendance:  Student are expected to attend lecture regularly and not engage in activities which create a distraction for them or their neighbors.   Attendance will be taken at the instructor’s discretion.  Attendance will be taken into account as a positive or negative factor up to 2%.  It is a violation of the academic integrity policy to falsely record another student’s attendance or to allow another student to do so. 

Make-Up Policy: No make-up examinations will be given without a university approved excused absence. To be excused you must notify the instructor by email prior to date of absence if such notification is feasible. For injury or illness too severe or contagious to attend class, you must provide confirmation of a visit to a health care professional affirming date and time of visit. It is the student's responsibility to schedule a makeup! Attendance is expected in this course.


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